The name of the brand – “OANCA” – is a fusion of two names: Oana and Anca, the creator of the brand. It is an easy name to remember and it contains a lot of unique and special products.

Oanca is a concept born from the desire to create unique products through personalized design, based on the customers’ desires. Unique concepts make you stand out.

Logo Oanca


About Oanca

Since I was little, I have always wanted to personalize every piece of clothing to make it unique and special.

I have been passionate about crafts, handmade things, creating clothes, and a variety of little accessories that caught people’s attention.

I love painting and drawing. For me, it is a colorful world when I am singing, dancing, or creating something.

Later, my path turned toward architecture, which further strengthened my desire to design unique and special products.

After obtaining my degree in architecture in 2013, I decided to start my own business. I believed that the entrepreneurial path was the perfect way to pursue my passion.

Even today, the knowledge I gained in graphics, design, proportions, geometries, and other fields during my studies helps me to broaden my horizons.